The Overnight Website Challenge

For its Overnight Website Challenge, The Nerdery Foundation rallies both staff from The Nerdery and web pros from throughout the interactive community to spend 24 hours – in a row – helping nonprofits create websites they couldn’t otherwise afford, all pro bono.
Since our first Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge in 2008, over 1300 volunteers have donated more than $7.3 million in web design and development services to 209 nonprofits in Chicago, Kansas City and Minneapolis/St. Paul.                                       


How It Works

Eligible nonprofits (501c3-registered organizations) apply for the opportunity by articulating their vision of how nerds could further their mission through better use of interactive technology. At the same time, web teams self-organize into small volunteer teams to cover skill sets including front-end development, back-end development, project management, strategy, user experience design, graphic design, copywriting and Quality Assurance.

Then, the nonprofits and teams are paired up over a weekend to make these technology dreams into reality. They start on Saturday morning at 9am and work straight through, with the closing bell ringing on Sunday at 9am. 

What's Next

At the Nerdery Foundation, we have big plans for evolving the events going forward. We strive to provide more value to nonprofits, impact more organizations, and engage and support our volunteer teams more than ever before.

Key changes include:

  • Expanding to more cities -- hosting each city's event on a separate date to allow us to grow to more markets, including our newest event in Phoenix!
  • Inclusion of more technology services offered -- beyond just new websites, we'll support mobile, systems integration, and more
  • More strategic support for nonprofits prior to the event, to assure that their new technical tools provide the most benefit to their organizations
  • Programs for more nonprofits to get advice and learn best practices from tech pros, at our events and beyond

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