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We believe technologists have incredible power and can use that power for good. Through events, online RESOURCES, and strategic partnerships, we create opportunities to make that happen. 


Overnight Website Challenge

Since 2008, our flagship event, the Overnight Website Challenge, has brought together over 1300 web professionals to enable the success of 209 nonprofits. Donating more than $7.3 million in professional services in 18 events in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Kansas City, and Phoenix, the interactive community has come together to spend 24 hours - in a row - helping nonprofits create web technologies they otherwise couldn't afford.

In 2017, we revamped the event  to make it even more impactful, with additional services offered and more nonprofits assisted. Now, we're working to create additional types of events to engage more technologists and serve more nonprofit needs.

Online Resources

Find a Match

Are you a technologist looking for an opportunity to volunteer? Or a nonprofit who needs pro bono technology assistance? NerdKind is launching soon!

NerdKind is coming soon!

NerdKind is coming soon!





Be a Mentor

Interested in mentoring or working with youth? Check out our list of opportunities to share your technical skills with a new generation.  

Get started. Use your power for good. 

Strategic Partnerships

We are always looking for ways to engage more technology professionals in their communities, in innovative ways. We can do more when we all come together. Contact us to start the conversation.