The Nonprofits We Serve

In recent months, as we've started sharing more about the Nerdery Foundation's future, we've received many questions about our nonprofit areas of focus. Surely - as a nonprofit ourselves, sponsored by the Sierra Bravo companies - we must want to make a difference in STEM. Or perhaps addressing the digital divide. Or maybe even helping dogs.

But we've taken a different route, because our mission is to activate the passion and skills of technologists to better our world.

At our core are the nerds, geeks, and techies who hold the power to drive change. We're big fans of what these tech professionals do every day. We have seen their abilities, energy, and creativity achieve great things in their 9-to-5 jobs. Now, we want to enable them to share their skills so they can make a difference in their communities. 

We want the nerds who love pets to engage with pet-related causes. The ones touched by cancer to donate their talents to fight cancer. And the ones who are passionate about education to help students achieve their potential.

So, at the Nerdery Foundation, we are proudly cause-agnostic. If there's a tech pro who cares about a particular cause, we want to  provide an avenue for them to use their skills toward that cause. We've helped 175 nonprofits so far, and we can't wait to help more. In every area where technology pros have passion.