Change to Web Challenge: Awards

In the first half of this year, as we asked for feedback about The Overnight Website Challenge, we were curious about how  participants felt about the competitive nature of the event. 

We weren't totally sure whether participants were in it for the experience, the philanthropy or the glory. (It certainly wasn't for financial gain, since Web Challenge awards have always centered around bragging rights.)

As responses came in, it was great to hear the overwhelming consensus: technologists wanted to do good. Sure, the competition added some fun elements, but their primary goal was in making a difference in their communities. 

Armed with these insights, the next Overnight Website Challenge events will still feature judging and awards, but we're de-emphasizing the competitive aspect of the event. Participants will see:

  • Judges' walkthroughs earlier in the event, focused on each team's vision and plan for the new technology to impact the nonprofit organization
  • More Subject Matter Experts on hand to help any and all teams in their areas of expertise
  • More awards to recognize team efforts in specific categories, but no overall/best-in-show winner

As a result, we hope to make an even bigger difference in our communities. While celebrating the incredible talents of our nerdy volunteers.