Overnight Website Challenge 2017 Tour Concludes with Twin Cities Web Challenge Awards; Volunteers Recognized for Pro-Bono Work for Nonprofits

The Nerdery Foundation has awarded the pro-bono work of volunteer software designers, engineers and digital strategists who served nonprofits at the 2017 Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge in Minneapolis. Previous 2017 tour stops for The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge included Phoenix in January, Kansas City in February and Chicagoin March; volunteers in these cities (plus Minneapolis) served 34 nonprofit organizations.

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Nerdery Foundation Making Mpls its Last 2017 Tour Stop for Overnight Website Challenge

The Nerdery Foundation is matching teams of volunteer software pros with Minnesota nonprofits seeking our pro-bono support to create new websites and apps that’ll better serve our community. Registration is open for Minnesota nonprofits and volunteer software engineers, designers and digital strategists to apply for The Nerdery Foundation’s 24-hour hackathon of pro-bono service: http://tc2017.overnightwebsitechallenge.com

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Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge returning to Chicago, registration open for nonprofits and volunteers

Having helped 175 nonprofits in since the first Overnight Website Challenge in 2008, The Nerdery and Nerdery Foundation have announced their intent to bring their signature community-service event back to Chicago for the fifth time. Registration for volunteers and nonprofits is open at http://chi2017.overnightwebsitechallenge.com and Web Challenge weekend is March 18-19, 2017 at The Nerdery’s Chicago office.

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Overnight Website Challenge 2017 Tour Continues: Kansas City

We're excited to announce that The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge is coming back to Kansas City, for its third time! The event will take place on February 25-26, 2017, and registration is open now for nonprofits who need technology help and web pros willing to donate their services to make it happen. They'll all stay up for 24 hours straight to help Kansas City. 

Read all the details in a press release from our presenting sponsor, The Nerdery: