Since 2008, The Nerdery Foundation has rallied web pros from throughout the interactive community to spend 24 hours – in a row – helping nonprofits create websites they couldn’t otherwise afford, all pro bono. These Overnight Website Challenge events have helped 200+ nonprofits with over $7 million in pro bono services.

Now, we're expanding our reach to serve more nonprofits and engage more technologists. The Beta launch of NerdKind enables nonprofits and technologists to connect directly and complete projects of any size, at any time.  

How It Works

Eligible nonprofits (all 501c3 organizations) sign up on to explain who they are and what help they need -- whether it's a one-hour phone call or a major technology project.  

Meanwhile, technologists describe the types of projects they want to do, the skills and technologies where they specialize, and their favorite causes. 

When technologists volunteer, matches are made! More questions? Check out our FAQ.

What's Next

NerdKind is in its Beta release now. We're optimizing the site each day and learning more about where the greatest nonprofit needs - and technologist talents - lie. 

What we learn will help us expand our marketing efforts, create new events, and engage more NerdKind users nationwide. 


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As a nonprofit, we are dependent on the support of corporate, community, and individual supporters. Please join us to build the future of NerdKind!