Coderdojo TC


CoderDojo is a global movement about providing free and open learning to youth, with an emphasis on computer programming. The Twin Cities chapter was founded to bring this movement to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, inspire other chapters, and partner with other organizations to better introduce kids to coding.

CoderDojo Twin Cities welcomes all interested kids ages 8 to 17 and will work proactively to eliminate gender and socioeconomic barriers to computer science by providing a no-cost way for young people to experience programming early—and have fun doing it!

Some mentors have a background in computer science, but many do not. The primary value students receive from mentors is access to a role model and stories of real-world experiences. Mentors might not know the answer to every question their teams ask them, but they have experienced not knowing all the answers in the past and can guide the teams to move forward anyway.

Participants & ELIGIBILITY – Experience writing some kind of software is useful— but don’t worry if you haven’t spent the last 10 years programming in Scratch!

Commitment – Mentors sign up for only the events they can commit to. There is no minimum level of commitment, except we do not allow mentors to participate in only part of an event.

Mentors are expected onsite at 12:45 PM on event days, wrapping up around 3:45 PM. Expect to spend about three hours on the day of an event, with perhaps a few hours’ work preparing for it earlier that week if you are new.