Technology is everywhere -- it fuels everything from managing our finances to staying connected with those we love. We rely on an industry of engineers, planners, designers, and developers to create, maintain and improve these systems.

For community and nonprofit leaders, it can be challenging to harness the incredible power of the latest technology. These leaders see the potential to extend their reach and accelerate their success, but they don’t always have the technical knowledge or resources they need. 

The Nerdery Foundation works to bridge this gap, bringing together highly-skilled technologists with the community-based organizations who most need their help.

Our History

At its annual Overnight Website Challenge, custom software development firm The Nerdery has rallied staff and fellow web pros throughout the interactive community to spend 24 hours – in a row – helping nonprofits create websites they couldn’t otherwise afford, all pro bono.

  • In 2008, the first Overnight Website Challenge was held. Since then, volunteers from across the software development community have donated more than $7.3 million in professional services to 209 nonprofits. To date, 18 Overnight Website Challenge events have taken place in Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.
  • In 2012, The Nerdery Foundation first garnered status as a 501c3 nonprofit designation. It served as the nonprofit entity that hosts the Overnight Website Challenge.
  • In 2016, The Nerdery Foundation hired its first Executive Director and expanded its mission beyond the annual Overnight Website Challenge event, to encompass all the ways the technologists can connect with each other and use their unique talents for good.

Today, we’ve established a new mission and are developing programs to achieve that vision.


Our Team

We're a small group, supported by a big network of volunteers and partners. In addition to thousands of volunteer technologists, our core team includes:

  • Ginger Sorvari Bucklin, Executive Director
  • Mark Malmberg, Board Chair
  • Tom O'Neill, Board Vice-Chair
  • Mark Hurlburt, Board Secretary
  • Mike Derheim, Board Treasurer
  • Bill Stephenson, Finance Director


Our Programs

While we're best known for our flagship annual event, we're putting together programs to support our technologist community and connect them to nonprofit needs. 

Our programs include:

For more information on our organization, including our annual 990 filings, please contact us.